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Officer Justin Gabrys and Louis Sperry on Warren Street wearing our New Police Uniforms


Officer Sperry and Officer Gabrys on foot patrol at the corner of Warren and Blackwell Street.
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Officer Negron sitting at the old dispatch desk prior to the renovations Officer Michalski working at the temporary dispatch console.
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Town of Dover Police Department Dispatch Desk under renovation  
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  Sergeant Bruce Cole working the new Main Console
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The Secondary Dispatch Console Dispatcher Stracco at the Main Console
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Dispatcher Suarez at the Main Dispatch Console Dispatcher Karin Stracco sitting at the new ultra modern dispatch console
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Dispatcher Oscar Suarez working at the Dispatch Center  
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Patrol Sergeants Office Another view of the Patrol Sergeants Office

Photos prior to 2002

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Officer Anthony Smith Officer of the Year for 2002